Lebanese father and upbringing, Egyptian mother and she currently lives in Doha.

Reem Saleh graduated from the Lebanese American University in Beirut with a BA in Radio, TV and Film. She began her career as a stage and film actress, winning a local acting competition on the MTV television channel. She has acted as assistant director on numerous productions, including Assad Fouladkar’s award-winning film ‘When Maryam Spoke Out’ (2001). She has directed the short film ‘The Naked Eye’ , the stage play ‘Wings’ written by Arthur Kopit, and numerous television documentaries for MTV Lebanon and Rotana Enterprise. Saleh moved to Qatar in 2006 to work for Al Jazeera Children’s Channel as a producer and voice-over artist, then went on to join the Doha Film Institute where she currently is the Deputy Director of the Ajyal Film Festival.

Reem is currently finalizing her first feature independent documentary in Cairo ‘What Comes Around’ in the birthplace of her late mother to whom she dedicates the picture.

She speaks French, Arabic, English and a little of Spanish, so share your comments in any language that suits you!

” I simply breathe film and can’t tolerate injustice”.

  1. elspethc

    I think I am going to visit here again. Film work is hugely meaningful in the injustice zone – positive and negative of course – but I get the feeling you are on the side of justice. I think I will be visiting again


  2. Tony Saghbiny

    Hello Reem!
    I don’t know if you remember me : )
    My magazine’s website http://mystera-magazine.com/ is interested in sharing your reviews and in new reviews for you as well. They’ll provide the link to your blog and give full credit of course. Are you still writing reviews? And would you be interested in sharing them on the site?



  3. Mohammed Sultani

    Following up your career after school, you are the perfect example of the exemplary student who made her school and all her teachers proud. You were the example given to the younger students during the alumni meetings… You always make us proud Reem… keep it up and good luck


    1. Meemzo

      Hi Mohammed, I am deeply moved by your comment and honored to grow up during school years with people like you. I can’t wait to meet you again, hopefully on the next reunion.


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