Pardon à la Libanaise, but what is peace exactly? Given the current circumstances, it’s only a term used by pacifist bourgeois while blood of thousands is being shed by the second.

How do you expect to dance the Dabkeh with those who ripped everything and anything you believed in or ever loved?

What do you say to the orphans and widows?

What do you say to the daily humiliation in your own country?

What do you say to the ethnic cleansing by those who consider you animals?

Let’s make love… I mean, peace? Oh please!

Resistance is not embodied in Hamas, they’re just a group of armed combatants, because YES you need weapons when thousands of lives are less important than that of one Israeli soldier. What we fail to understand is that the very essence of resistance comes from within, with each and every soul dead or alive. They’re those who refuse to say yes to occupation, the children who went to school when their homes have been demolished, the mother who sent her son to fight and calls him a coward if he doesn’t…it’s an organic and collective sentiment. If your death is certain on the stage of a silent world, you still have the choice to die in dignity and that is what resistance is all about. It’s the last stamp of humanity on your forehead and it doesn’t necessarily comes in the form of guns and missiles. It’s choosing to live while dying…how do you explain that?!

What they really need is ‘justice’ and that can only be achieved when Israel stands in front of an international court for its crimes against humanity, for its apartheid policies against the Palestinians. Punishment is the only language anyone should accept. Leave your arrogant, crowd-pleasing speeches of peace on the side. The song of co-existence is not a dream; it’s a reality that seized to exist with the birth of Zionism.

What do you think??

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