I’ve been working for a while on my first independent documentary feature “What Comes Around”. I was meant to blog about it earlier but was waiting for when the trailer is ready  – which will be in a few weeks hopefully. Meanwhile My Film Bank , a newly initiated website dedicated to the latest in Arab cinema, posted the first article of my film in progress.

I met Zeina Tabbara,  founder of My Film Bank, in December 2011 during the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF). It was inspiring to connect with alike-minded and passionate people who believe that our joined efforts can be part of the development of the cinema industry in the region.

Zeina’s article is copied below, visit her website, share your opinion or contribute to the content.

الجمعية – What Comes Around

I started following the endeavors of  Reem Saleh when I discovered her insightful and enjoyable film reviews on the Doha Film Institue Website. We finally got the chance to meet at the 2011 Dubai International Film Festival  and found much in common in our feelings about film and especially the future of film in the Middle East. Reem has started to work on her first feature documentary called ‘الجمعية ’ (What Come Around). After contemplating and developing this documentary over the last couple of years, Reem has just returned from Cairo after the first round of shooting in order get aquatinted with characters and is starting a crowd funding campaign very soon.

The Director

Reem Saleh has long been immersed in the media industry in the Middle East. She worked with Murr Television (MTV), Rotana Tarab, Rotana Khlaeejia, Al Jazeera Children’s Channel (JCC)  and her most current position as a film reviewer and pre-screener at the Doha film institute.


The story behind ‘الجمعية’ (What comes around)

Reem comes from a mixed background with a Lebanese father and Egyptian mother. She was not particularly close to her Egyptian roots, that is until her mother passed away in 2009 and she went back for the burial. At that point Reem wanted to reconnect with her Egyptian heritage and get to know the neighborhood that her mother had grown  up in. It is then that she discovered ‘The Committee’, an internal banking system in poor neighborhoods, where members are chosen and each pay a monthly amount over a period of 10 months into a pool. Each month one of the participants collects the whole amount for a particular needs like  weddings, medications and education.


So far Reem has personally funded ‘The Committee’, however she is going to start crowd-funding for the documentary very soon, as she needs the financial backing to be able to follow the people in ‘The Committee’ for a period of 10 months.  The money that she will raise will go in pre -production, principal photography and post. Keep following Reem’s news on myfilmbank to get the latest crowd funding information.

Follow the development of الجمعية (what comes around) on…


About the Author

 , the founder of myfilmbank, studied film history at Tufts university in Boston and completed the 1 year filmmaking course at the New York film academy in Abu Dhabi. Zeina currently lives in Beirut, Lebanon, where she works on myfilmbank.com and myfilmbank productions.

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