What a beautiful color for photos. I never realized how much ‘Blue’ meant to me till now, this sort of unconscious preference. When I was trying to organize my thoughts on what possible ‘blue’ pictures I have, it hit me like an awakening and I could only see ‘Beirut’. Beirut, my favorite city in the world is all about ‘blue’. The Sky and the sea merge wonderfully with day light and make it magical. And here I am sharing a piece of my heart with you in ‘blue’.

Pictures below are ‘untouched’, taken with my iPhone using Hisptamatic photo app.

Inside the cell of St. Charbel hermitage. Leading Lebanese saint.

It’s always hard to leave my city, this picture was taken on my way to the airport.

Fishing, a sport and sometimes meditation from the heart of Beirut.

Lebanon is known for its cuisine, with a touch of ‘blue’ creativity.

A precious memory of my childhood , the ‘Kaak’ seller who happens to be in blue.

St. Charbel church- Annaya- Lebanon

Beirut in bricks.

My favorite activity in Beirut, drinking coffee with a bottle of water by the sea.

More from the sea of Beirut

    1. Meemzo

      Thanks , your photos are inspiring fresh and colorful. You have a beautiful eye for flowers, something I find very hard to take pictures of 🙂


    1. Meemzo

      Thanks a lot for your comment, and I am glad you were able to visit Beirut, hope you liked the city. It’s kind of nostalgic for me at this stage, won’t be going for a while 🙂


  1. fiztrainer

    Fantastic photos!! I’m so glad you came by my blog and sent me a LIKE so that I could find you. First of all I LOVE your blog theme. It’s so awesome!!! And the photos here are beautiful. What a beautiful country!! I am a total Instamatic fan. 😀


    1. Meemzo

      I’m glad you came back, you have fantastic photos on your blog and I’ll be visiting more often. Beirut is indeed unique, hoep you can visit soon 😉


    1. Meemzo

      Beirut is indeed special, I don’t live there at the moment as I’m away in a different country. I live in Qatar and visit Beirut once a year. Unfortunately not this year as I’m shooting a documentary. Hope you get to come and visit.


    1. Meemzo

      Thank you for your comment, unfortunately in the last few days Beirut has been witnessing some conflicts. We kind of are used to it but I hope it ends soon. It is indeed a beautiful city.


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