For this week’s entry, I find it both simple and challenging. I’m sure all of us have loads of pictures that are out of focus, that’s quite easy. The challenge is to find a good one. Till I go through what I have – or take new ones for that matter – have a look at the photos I quickly found.

It’s more of a silhouette but the subject in the foreground is ‘unfocused” so I thought it might fit this theme. This is a photographer setting up his camera before an event.

What’s beautiful about Doha is that the sea meats the desert. This photo symbolizes it.

It barely rains in Doha, Qatar. But when it does I make sure to capture the moment, even when driving.

Here’s another one with rain, also while driving.

    1. Meemzo

      Yeah me too, the lines on the sand are actually traces of car wheels, it’s funny how certain things can look amazing on camera.


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