I landed in Warsaw, Poland yesterday to attend the CIFEJ general assembly in which I’m a member.

Surrounded by wonderful people who put their heart and soul into providing quality films and programs for children, I thought I’ll give you some  info on CIFEJ.

The Foundation:

The International Centre of Films for Children and Young People (CIFEJ) is an international non- governmental organization emerging from the conference held by UNESCO in Edinburg in 1955 and is known as «Centre International de Film pour l’enfance et la Jeunesse-CIFEJ».


CIFEJ was founded under the auspices of UNESCO in order to promote excellence in the production of culturally diverse, entertaining, artistic, educational and informative audio-visual media especially designed for children and young people.

During CIFEJ GA in Warsaw


CIFEJ is an independent forum that allows people from all over the world to meet and discuss the quality of the contents of the media for children. An individual or corporate body that is active in the area of audio-visual media for children and young people-be a producer, distributor, television broadcaster, festival/ media educator, etc-upholding the objectives of CIFEJ- may become a member. CIFEJ also nominates honorary members and welcomes Friends of CIFEJ. At present, CIFEJ has an international network of professionals who are involved in children’s films in various continents of the world: America, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Oceania.

What do you think??

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