I had a phone call a few days ago regarding a magic ‘machine’ that cleans everything in the house from ceiling to mattresses and were ready for a free demonstration. I usually decline without further explanation such requests, but the term “cleaning mattress” intrigued me. This is what takes the biggest load of effort so I might as well use the ‘free factor’. Quite unusually, I said yes.

They came this morning as my friend and I were sipping our coffee with cigarettes for a fun weekend experience.

The agent started his presentation rapidly in a fast paced and automated lingo that shows a good deal of training; he must have done this a thousand times. I warned him I AM NOT BUYING, I am just curious about the mattress and that the rest of the house is very CLEAN. I didn’t want to give him any false hopes you know. He smirked saying, “we’ll see about that”. Now that’s offensive.

In fact, our wonderful nanny cleans daily the whole house with a scheduled routine for washing carpets, curtains…I mean with two cats more effort is done. I explained that to him with self-assurance.

He started with the ceiling, curtains… mmm… not so impressed. It is a more efficient and fast method but didn’t add much to what we usually do.

My eyes started gazing in amazement as he mentioned taking out dust from our hair… yes hair… cheveux.  We tried to bring our cat for a demo but she freaked out so my friend kindly volunteered. Just for you to know she showered this morning! Now look at what we found …

U ain’t seen nothing yet

His smirk turned into a confident smile while we were giggling about all that ‘dust in her hair’.

Then the surprise was the newly cleaned carpet. He added a stronger accessory to that machine and started vacuuming. Oh dear… where did all that come from? Not only was I embarrassed but utterly shocked.  Nanny was angry too… luckily he comforted her explaining it’s normal and only the machine can dig the deepest particles of residues.

Now that’s how ‘clean’ I thought the carpet was.

And here’s the carpet afer ‘deep’ cleaning…better than when I first bought it.

Finally… the scary part we were all waiting for THE MATTRESS.

Here’s what came out of it.

Bed mites is all I could think of…

“Don’t worry it’s normal (again) otherwise you’ll have to buy a new mattress every 21 days” he added. Which means cleaning it professionally or internally is not going to bring any better results.  Thank God for that. I was thinking of all the bed mites who were having wild parties in my room…yuk

Now when I thought I had the cleanest of the cleanest homes… you get the rest.

And * ehem * yes the trick worked … I bought the machine.  This is by no means a promotional post I’m just sharing this ‘dirty’ experience, how clean is that!

  1. mamma mia

    yiiiiikes! looool weeeeeem ♡
    you should take a commission from that guy for this free promo! 😉

    Well actually someone selling the “Rambo” (now the name alone should scare the crap out of germs) made that same demo to my mom once in Beirut.

    A salesman from another company (can’t recall the name) also demonstrated his super-cleaner to us in Dubai a few years back.

    But no Acarina could scare Hady enough! In the meantime, I freaked! (still am) Now I sleep in denial 😉 loooool


    1. Meemzo

      Luckily for me, ze man was not in da house. Bought it, mission accomplished. The pictures weren’t reason enough for him but what’s done is done. Now he wants to play with it…just a toy for him, he’s chasing my cats to clean them. Oh men


      1. mamma mia

        LOOOOL 😀

        Maybe it’s better that we didn’t get one then… We don’t have cats, so Hady would have been left with the kids to chase and clean!! 😉

  2. umalbanat

    Eh reem
    Assalamu alsikum
    Keefek niam was tellimg me about your cleaning guys i directly told her Kirby and i told her our experience with Kirby back in the seventies in wichita ks where myhusband acceptedthe offer and said it is free we wont loose anything well we will loose dust actually and after the demonstrations and the dust they collected , well i thinkthey collected much more than what you showed us because back then we were living in a furnished apartment with moquette and who knows how old was the mattress and carpeting any way we said we dont have 300 dollar so they left ,but thefunny thing innoabout two or three years ago hee they called and you bet i never forget how they persuade i told the lady they already did she wondered because it doesnot show in her records but i never told her inno they came back in the states ..
    Anyway as i tell my girls never ever buy from those peddlars or who cal and stick to sell you something they all are salesperdons they get comission persale now you reminded me of a perfume peddler also tricked my neighbor , he yold her thatmadam abdul hafiz bought so she directly accepted and bought .. I didnot know anything about the incident tillshecame up rudhing :” you knew he sold US fake perfume !
    Who sold us and who us and what perfume
    Difnot youbuy from the man
    What a you talking about
    He told me inno madam abdul hafiz bought so i did also knowing that you recognize good from fake
    Buut no one ever knocked on my door
    Oh may be he read my husbands name on the doorbell and went doen
    Poor Alisar he sold her a fake bottle thats not worth 5000 for 70 000 and she borrowed money from her daughter , she begged me not to tell her husband
    … So dear reemi never buy from anyone You plan to save it ends up you got shaved
    Yalla take care


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