I had the pleasure of working with my friend, and very talented filmmaker Niam Etany on her first short “Super.Full”. The script, also written by the director was selected as Best  Script at the Maisha lab  in collaboration with the Doha Film Institute who partially produced the film.

Synopsis: ” A poor disabled worker promises his newly wed wife to take her to dinner in a fancy hotel for her birthday. But when his bicycle gets stolen and his job threatened, he has to choose between saving his miserable job or fulfilling his promise and earning the love of his wife.” Source IMDB

The film has been so far touring the following festivals:

Seattle International Film Festival (USA) – Academy Award Qualifying for Short Films
CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival (Canada) – Academy Award Qualifying for Short Films
One Reel Film Festival (USA)
Forster Film Festival (Australia)
The ones scheduled in October are:
Yasujiro Ozu Film Festival (Italy)
S. John’s International Women Film Festival (Canada)

Check out a clip from the film with ME as the “Super.Full” mean woman 🙂

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