Original review featured on The Doha Film Institute website.

Director: Seth Gordon
Stars: Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston, Collin Farrell, Jamie Fox

‘Horrible Bosses’ is the funniest, most entertaining film I’ve seen this season.

Frustrated by the constant bullying, harassment and unproficiency of their bosses, three men agree that their lives would be much better without their ‘Horrible Bosses’. A conversation over dinner, sparked by their bosses pushing them one final step too far, morphs into the three finally deciding to get rid of each other’s bosses. While trying to come up with the perfect, flawless criminal scheme to do so, they impulsively decide to hire Dean ‘MF’ Jones (Jamie Fox), a random man who offers his help, and who is also seemingly a professional hit man.

This is like ‘The Hangover’ with a twist, but instead of teaming up to remember what happened the night before, our hapless would-be heroes are plotting the demise of their evil bosses. Nick (Jason Bateman) works for Dave (Kevin Spacey), a devious, intimidating and sadistic boss, who enjoys every form of emotional torture. Accountant and womaniser Bobby (Jason Sudeikis) wants to run the company, but cocaine addict Bobby Pellitt (Colin Farrell) is running the family business, and turning it into a living hell. Dental Assistant Dale (Charlie Day) just wants a normal life, but Dr Julia Harris (Jennifer Aniston) is a dentist with a twisted perversion who harasses him constantly.

Anyone who gets frustrated with their boss will find a caricaturised version they can relate to within this film. It is an extension of reality that is so extreme it is comical. In other words, these bosses actually say and do what you’d imagine their behaviour might imply. Think of a politically correct boss who would never say it to your face, but you just know, from the look they give you, that you are not liked. In ‘Horrible Bosses’, not only do they actually say it, but they go out of their way to prove it, with hilarious consequences.

The acting is remarkable from all six of our main characters, not to forget Jamie Fox, who is also very well cast for his ‘hit-man-for-hire’ role. Skilfully distorting very well defined roles enables each character to seem theatrical in their representation, forging brilliantly silly lines that make the film as a whole extremely witty. I am sure that several of the pick-up lines from the film will be used to secure dates from now on!

The film is a cathartic experience of the eternal boss-employee relationship, put together in a simple plot, hilarious in its content and remarkable in its cast. This is not a scratch-your-brain experience; you just go with the flow for a few good laughs while you cheer on the underdog.

‘Horrible Bosses’ is now playing in Doha, but please remember that it is an R-rated film, so expect scenes to be deleted that might include strong language and / or physical interactions

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