Following this Tweet  two days ago, I was amazed at all the retweeting and replies which led yours truly to share her humble opinion on the subject.

Visiting my hometown Beirut around twice a year is always an insightful discovery.

For starters, I get freshened up with the latest trends in fashion displayed brilliantly by adamant mothers who try helplessly to fit in their daughter’s outfits. But this doesn’t bother me, on the contrary, it’s quite entertaining.

And of course, there is the unavoidable plastic surgery. I always play a game in Beirut when I’m out, at restaurants for instance: count how many women ‘haven’t had a plastic surgery’. The results are as stunning as the statistics are shrinking. And proving my point are the latest statistics placing Lebanon as the number one country in the world for people being chopped off under the knife of surgeons for beauty purposes.

So bottom line, to me plastic surgery is a little like anorexia. Women have a distorted image of themselves and probably imagine they could easily be part of the Miss Lebanon competition, regardless of their age.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against working on looking better in any way that suits people, but I’d encourage a more discreet approach. I sat down in Hamra street one day eating ice cream and screaming at the sight of a young woman, barely 30, who was a shocking lookalike to Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram. She had her face changed to look exactly like the artist. Goodness that was freaky!!

And to think that Lebanon offers plastic surgery loans instead of education tells a lot about this sadistic boom of fake looks. Yes sadistic…Why on earth would anyone want to do that to themselves!

Look at the “society” magazines that cover all sorts of galas and events in the country and you’ll have a clear idea of what I’m talking about.

Faces went out of proportion (literally) and women look much older when their eyes meet their ears (that would make a great song title) and the mouth looks like a queen bee stung it. Leave Angelina’s lips alone, they don’t suit everybody!

And what’s unique about looking like someone else??

I do blame plastic surgeons for accepting to turn these women into monsters. I started having nightmares, seriously!

Plastic surgery is supposed to look discreet, highlighting the beauty of each woman and hiding imperfections. They’re supposed to give an enhanced version of yourself if you insist but NOT CREATING a Halloween puppet. To me it should look natural, or else what’s the point?

If your lips are going to be blown 10 times their size… I wonder how this is considered esthetically acceptable.

And please, there’s no such thing as trends in your anatomy. There’s something called proportion, eternal and universal.

It hurts me to see these –barely able to smile- women undergoing all sorts of drastic physical transformations, thinking it will boost their personality and maybe even solve their problems.

I am not saying that women should neglect themselves either. On the contrary, there’s nothing more beautiful than a woman who carries herself well with confidence and grace. But to each its limits and I hope people would think twice before undergoing a surgery. And make sure to look for a surgeon with a conscious, not a butcher eager to fill in his pockets regardless of the consequences.

I am growing tired of people associating Lebanese with plastic surgery.  Until I get a one, here I am , Lebanese and haven’t had any plastic surgery!

  1. rouba

    So funny. And so sad.
    I do love Angie’s lips though!! 😉 lol

    Well, all I can say is:
    Here you are & you’re still as beautiful as it gets with all your imperfections that make you the most perfect version of Reem there could ever be 😉
    Also, it prompts some good topics for your blog 😉



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