For years now, the following symptoms have been recurrent:

– Back and neck pain


– Mood swings

– Laying my hands on just about anything was becoming increasingly painful (No my hand is not broken).

I went to all sorts of doctors, had X-rays, seen a psychiatrist for possible psycho-physiological symptoms, did chiropractic therapy, underwent an endoscopy for my reflux … I went to more doctors than I could possibly remember until one day I burst into an orthopedics’ office, yelling: ” I need to know what’s wrong with me NOOOOW!! (I was literally screaming my lungs out, and would like to believe my pitchy voice might have triggered his talent).

I knew something linked all these symptoms together and quickly turned paranoid (cancer? MS?). Doctors were making fun of my self-diagnosis speculations and theories.

I would argue using facts and examples and get furious when they wouldn’t appease my curiosity, or shall I say investigation (something I really hate about most MD’s). Which ultimately led to thousands of medicines (If you’d count them over the years they’d add up to even more). I never really took them; by the 3rd day I’d be bored and stop unless it was an antibiotic. So I finally decided NO MORE MEDICATION.  But they’re still in my kitchen cabinet just in case.

But I digress. Back to the lucky physician who got a taste of my evil side. He looked at me silently and said, “let’s have a vitamin D test”. Mmmm … that was intriguing. I had read about vitamin D somewhere amongst the hundreds of medical articles. So I agreed that would be a good place to start and we’d ‘take it from there’.

While waiting for the results (which took about a week), I started reading more about the subject. And yes, it turned out, the symptoms I was (and still am) experiencing, including those stated above, did apply to Vitamin D deficiency.

The results finally came out yesterday and to my surprise, I have a vitamin D deficiency (7.8 out of an average of 32 to 100). Can you imagine? When I live in sunny Doha!

In a way I am happy now; at least I know what’s wrong with me! And there is a treatment available: I will have to be injected with vit D 600,000 IU every three months and of course undergo regular check-ups.

Some facts for you; it appears that:

  • We do not get enough sun and need at least 10 minutes a day exposing hands, feet and face (without sunblock).
  • We don’t eat properly (liver, dairy products, salmon, etc).
  • In other words, we do not get our proper dose of vit D.

Do not underestimate the importance of vitamin D, which is responsible for:

  • The absorption of Calcium. (Feeling tired?) And of course, no Calcium means possible Osteoporosis.
  • The prevention of various cancers.
  • Mood swings and even depression;vitamin D helps those days your dog couldn’t possibly stand you.
  • Reducing risks of heart diseases.
  • The prevention of various diseases. Some studies show there may be a direct correlation between Vitamin D deficiency and MS and other pathologies of the nervous system such as Alzheimer and Parkinson’s to name the most notorious.

Is that reason enough for you to check your vit D levels now?

I still have an MRI for my back and neck pain, and I am stubborn about the MS test. But I don’t know why I feel that adjusting my vitamin D level will be the solution to all my problems (I really hope so).

I will keep you updated and meanwhile stay healthy and go check your vitamin D NOW!

  1. rouba

    Well done Reem! I’m really liking this blog more and more 😉

    Hope you get well soon babez ❤ Keep us in the loop and I sincerely hope your next post on the subject will start with: I AM HEALTHY! 🙂

    bisous 😉


  2. ines

    Reemette, it’s amazing how you balance the sad and funny… your blog is refreshing. it brings human emotions to our everyday routine. it will become my daily newspaper now. keep it up…
    miss you!


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