As a kid, I got affected easily with books read to me or films I watched. I would run to the mirror and become anyone. Later on in my life , where circumstances weren’t kind to me, I walked down the street pretending I’m someone else, somewhere else. A tear might drop for the story I made up and sometimes a wild laugh. It was easier to grasp life in fiction for better or for worse.

And  I knew that no matter what, film is what I am going to pursue as a career. You know it, because you have stories to tell.

I loathed  pretentious people/artists/politicians  that you encounter everywhere.  And I always kept in mind that I should remain genuine and faithful to what I am passionate about and find the right time to act in its favor.

I am not pretending I am a film reference, but it is a sacred ceremony for me.  It is my little prayer when I want to laugh or cry. I watch films to dream and can’t be more thankful to the wonderful films that marked my life forever. They remind me of my mother, my childhood, my upbringing and my steps towards maturity (slow process I guess). And through many memorable scenes , I can write the history of my life.

Horror, romantic comedy, commercial or art house…it doesn’t matter.  A good film is a good film.


What do you think??

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