Shut the past into an uncertain abyss and drive to Sharm al Sheikh or any other Sheikh that might be of support at this stage. Who cares about zillions or trillions? Well-deserved hate dollars might as well serve in the afterlife for bribing hell gatekeepers. Careless over necessities, where does leadership fall into then? Other necessities?

People needed a face to identify with, a voice to represent them.  Like Abdel Halim and Nasser with endless messages from and to the People. Not some clowns on Arab Satellite circuses indulging in the baser instincts.

But one day…

The magic of a precious breath suffocated for 30 years has risen from every street of Egypt. The very basic essence of freedom knocked their doors with an urge, “arise,arise.” And as souls united one by one, the whole became an unbeatable force in a chorus asking for justice and driven by hope. With the blood of martyrs, streets were purified. And every corner now belongs to an Egyptian who walks with pride.

And history was created once again.

History is a ruthless watchdog my friend, no matter how robust and above-it-all you are. There’s always someone, somewhere taking notes like shoulder angels.

Don’t go on blaming Uncle Sam now. What did you expect? Noriega, minutes before his capture was reported stuttering, “traitors … traitors” wearing a long blue silk gown, some even added the gown had white stars. As for your beloved Zino friends, they have just lost their adopted father. They’re whining over mama’s breasts. You’re on your own.

But only Your People would’ve protected you with their lives if…

I don’t envy your last years in battle with disease and consciousness. But there were times when history could have taken a different course. But like judgment day today, the doors of forgiveness are shut as millions are screaming “Too late…too late.”

What do you think??

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