The woman in the picture with a green veil is Attiyat.

On my trip to Egypt on December 2010, I visited one of the poor neighbourhoods of Cairo, “Rood el Farag”.

I visited Attiyat who was just out of the hospital after a stroke. A woman with two young daughters , a very weak husband , struggling for survival.

In a very small room, Attiyat was lying on the bed, totally dependent as she can’t move on her own anymore.

All the neighbours by her side, trying to make her laugh, the ghost of misery is very obvious attached to bravery, faith and pride. Attiyat was worried; her medication cost daily what she can’t afford in a month. “I wish i could die soon” she said as she felt guilty of all the expenses her children can’t afford. People, as poor as she is, collected money to get her those two injections she needed daily. And to cheer her up they got her some meat, yes meat, the meal of the very rich. Her pride made her wish she’d die instead. And she did a  few days later. She felt like a burden and death was the way out to spare her family additional misery.

This is a sample from the daily lives of millions in Cairo.

Bless your soul beautiful Attiyat.

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